Brandon JAUNKY

Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Jaunky is the Chief Executive Officer of GC Lipid Technologies Inc., which aims to develop synthetic biology based solutions capable of bringing sustainability in certain practices around the marine ecosystem. His role focuses on the strategic vision for the company, by ensuring alignment throughout the various company's initiatives. Brandon fosters a culture of innovation and excellence, identifying opportunities for growth and collaboration with the industry. He is passionate about bringing novel and disruptive technologies to the forefront and challenging the status quo.

Dr. Dilan JAUNKY

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Dilan Jaunky is the Chief Science Officer of GC Lipid Tech Inc., and leads the company's R&D efforts in developing innovative tools and strains for genetically engineering microalgae. Dr. Jaunky’s expertise in synthetic biology guides the organization to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field and developing cutting-edge technologies. He is passionate about solving issues surrounding our marine ecosystem.


Research Scientist

Sajinth Thampipillai, the new research scientist at GC Lipid Tech Inc., completed a Master's of Science and now provides support and help in continuing the research and development of the platform.


Operations Specialist

Karina Mastronardi, the new operational specialist at GC Lipid Tech Inc., completed her PhD in Biology and with her passion for innovation is helping in optimizing workflows and maintaining a strong network.